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Dear viewers,
dear friends,

Radio Santec – Sophia TV is a free and independent station, nonprofit and without state subsidies. Production, broadcasting and distribution all over the world are possible thanks to the support of the gifts by all those who want to see the ethical-moral values of the Free Spirit made available to all people, independent of religion, dogmas, rites and ceremonies.
We are thankful for every small or large donation, which is directly put to use in the production of our programs in various languages to reach ever more people. Many people from all over the world write us on a daily basis, glad to be our viewers.

RADIO SANTEC & TV don't merely ask you for a donation, instead, we ask you to help us with your donation from the heart, to make our neighbor happy.

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Reference "to be used for religious radio broadcasting"

We sincerely thank you, for you are helping to spread the values of Jesus of Nazareth all over the world, which are based on the Ten Commandments of God and the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus, and are brought to us anew and deepened through the prophetic word for our time, through Gabriele, the prophetess and emissary of God.