Radio Santec and Sophia TV

Broadcasting schedule

We are an independent radio and television station.
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Gabriele TV Africa
24 hours in English and French aired over all the African continent.
Satellite: SES 5 "Subsaharian" Africa
Position: 5° East +/-0.1° E/W and N/S
Transponder: 957
Downlink central frequency: 12034 GHz +/- 300 GHz
Downlink polarization: Horizontal, Symbol rate: 27500 +/- 70ppm, Modulation: QPSK
FEC: 3/4

TV Station New Jerusalem-TV - Europe

Free channel on SKY Italia N. 857
From 6:00 to 19:30 Hours: Programs in Italian
From 19:30 to 6:00: Programs in English
Monday from 19:30 to 20:00: Programs in Polish, after that, in French
Transponder 70 - 12111 MHz, Pol. V - S/R 27500 - FEC 3/4, SID 723 - Pid V 345 - Pid A 346

Sophia TV Asia
Satellite: ASIASAT 5    
Position: 100.5°EAST +/- 0.1 ° E/W and N/S
Transponder: C11H -  C band
Downlink central frequency: 4040 Ghz +/- 300 GHz
Downlink polarization: HORIZONTAL
Symbol rate: 29720 +/- 70ppm, Modulation: 8PSK, FEC: 5/6, Standard: DVB-S2

USA - Worlwide - ROKU
The Roku Channel of Sophia TV, has been published in the Channel Store in the following regions:
France, United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, El Salvador, Ireland, Guatemala, Rest of World, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua, Chile, Colombia, Honduras, Canada.